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Okay guys, so I decided to make a forever follow. This one contains the Arctic Monkeys/bands related blogs [Sherlock/tv shows related ones here]. I bolded the ones run by people I get along with or are extremely good ily all ok (●´∀`●)

a-d:  arcticmonkeysus | blue-moon-carol | bloodpressures | domsimper | 
 | arcticalex | beamuppet | arcticmankeys | dadpoets | benven | arctichumbug | barathoens »also tv show related« | arcticmonkeysphile

e-i: fuckyeaharcticmonkeys | gusmen heldersisgod | iwantabrickbybrick | 
fuzz-canyon | 
ezrakaynig | fluoradol | high-green

j-m: laurensapplelah | lanbrown | jarvisdicker | ihatemyselfforhatingthem | milesgayme
»also tv show related« | mrdicaprios 
»also tv show related«

n-s: perhapsfckoffmightbetookind | nicksnutellaswag | stupidinthehead | stuckon505 | 
robbsnark | petecarl | saint-beyonce 

t-z: thelastshadowbabes | whatever-peoplesay | the-last-shadow-puppies | 
thundersturner | tomw8s | watchingcowboyfilms | thhhunderstorms | 

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